What Rough Beast

Michelle, President of the Dems, decides to co-sponsor a controversial conservative professor’s visit to her beloved Drader College.

Kevin, Vice-President of the Dems, has no tolerance for intolerance, and vows to fight it to the end.

Rafi, ex-Drader political anything, really wants to grab a few drinks and go home.

And Johnny, aspiring Drader student and Kevin’s little brother, is the professor’s newest fan.

They all have their own reasons to be on Drader’s campus Friday night. But when their worlds collide, who will be left to pick up the pieces?

Inspired by the Booth family and political debate on campus, Alice Abracen’s play What Rough Beast asks the big question of 2019: how the hell do we convince people if we never talk?

Written by Alice Abracen
Directed by Lelaina Vogel

January 12-19 2019

Boston Playwrights Theatre
949 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA 02215

Content warnings: adult content, strong language, firearms