One night, some kids went into the woods with a camera …
When morning came, the camera was all that was left of them.

Witches circle a dark shed in the woods. A woman scrubs at bloody stains that no one else can see. Ghosts cry for revenge as a usurper takes the throne from its rightful king, while a prophecy swiftly closes in. And all throughout, a video camera rolls on…

Inspired by The Blair Witch Project and other contemporary found-footage horror movies, this Shakespearean tale of horror, ambition, and the lengths we'll go for power gains a terrifyingly modern edge, as director Daniel Thomas Blackwell spins a tale fit for telling around the campfire.

Written by William Shakespeare
Directed by Daniel Thomas Blackwell

April 5-13, 2019
The Mosesian Center for the Arts Blackbox
Watertown, MA


Director: Daniel Thomas Blackwell
Stage Manager: Laura Danek
Assistant Stage Manager: Mirabella Pisani
Dramaturg: Isabel Dollar
Scenic Design: Zachary Stern
Scenic Carpenter: Christopher Marks
Lighting Design: Erik Fox
Projection Design: Elizabeth Dombek
Costume Design: Evelyn Quinn
Sound Design and Composition: Joshua Garcia
Sound Liaison: Ilan Grossmann
Fight Choreographer: Lauren Squier

Underlings Co-Director: Lelaina Vogel
Publicity Manager: Sarah Batista-Pereira


Macbeth - Cassie Foote
Lady Macbeth and others - Olivia Caputo
Malcolm and others -
Valera Bamgbala
Banquo, Porter, and others - Victoria Brancazio
Duncan, Macduff, and others - Sylvia Sword
Lennox, Lady Macduff, and others - Olivia Dumaine